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About us

The association „Youth and Regional Development” is a youth, apolitical and nongovernmental organization that militates in favour of Romanian society development.

Established in 2001, the association developed an activity of financial support for children in need, broadening its activity field in 2004 through projects developed for youth from Gorj county together with partners from the country or abroad.


· to promote the developing activity of creative capacity, the development of youth scientific, technical, artistic, cultural and intellectual creation;

· to develop educational programmes for children, youngsters and persons with special needs;

· to encourage the managerial abilities and organizational aptitudes among youngsters at local, national and international level;

· to protect disfavored children, especially the abandoned ones and those coming from numerous, single parent, poor or disorganized families;

· to support activities of protecting the environment through development of projects related to environmental protection together with other associations or authorities.

· to promote gender equalty;

· the association contribuate to the development of Romanian society through promoting youngsters, the values of democracy and the human wrights;


The association carries out the following activities:

· organization of seminars, conferences, round table discussions, conferences;

· initiation and participation of projects and programmes in partnership with local and central public administration and other nongovernmental organizations;

· trainings for the members;

· exchanges;

· participation in the events of civil society

LCO - Local Coordinating Offices

At territorial level, the association is organized in local coordinating offices as representative structures without juridical personality.

Objectives of Local Coordinating Offices:

· to create centres of information regarding the European Union, government and local public authorities programmes related to youth issue;

· to strengthen the civic participation of youngsters and the work on principles of sustainable development, regional integration, cultural diversity and social inclusion in a real, local and European citizenship;

· to promote youngsters and to stimulate the associative life among youngsters at local and regional level;

· to promote and to extend the dialog between youth institutions and governmental institutions;

· to promote entreprenorial activities among youngsters;

· to encourage international cooperation as a possibility to strengthen the youngsters' role in society.

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